• Courses and Sequences

    IB Diploma students who earn the full diploma study subjects in six different areas, or groups, and choose three of these subjects to study in-depth.

    Here is a list of classes offered in each subject:

    Group 1 (Language A - English):

    • Junior English
    • Senior English

      Group 2 (Language B – World Languages):

      • Spanish
      • French
      • Japanese

        Group 3 (Individual & Societies):

        • Adv US History / IB History of the Americas
        • IB Modern World History
        • IB Psychology

        Group 4 (Experimental Sciences):

        • IB Biology
        • IB Chemistry
        • IB Physics

         Group 5 (Mathematics):

        • IB Math Studies
        • IB Pre-Calculus
        • IB Calculus

        Group 6 (IB Elective):*

        • IB Theatre Arts
        • IB Visual Arts
        • Psychology
        • A second science

        Generally, two exams (standard level) are completed the junior year and the remaining four the senior year.  However, students may decide to take only one exam the junior year or take all six exams during their senior year.

        IMPORTANT:  There is a minimum of 3 HL exams required to complete the IB Diploma and students are allowed to take HL exams in their Senior year only, not their junior year.

        *The Elective Exam can be fulfilled by taking a second science or language exam.

        Sample Sequences for IB Diploma:



        Language A


        Language B


        Societies and Individuals


        Experimental Sciences




        IB Elective/Other

        FreshmanEnglish 9 with Honors option

        French 1,2         Spanish 1,2  Japanese 1,2

         World History Biology Geometry 

        Heath 1

        SophomoreEnglish 10 with Honors option

        French 2,3      Spanish 2,3  Japanese 2,3

        US History

        Chemistry and / or Physics

        Algebra 2 Health 2
        JuniorIB Junior EnglishFrench 3,4,5    Spanish 3,4,5  Japanese 3,4,5IB History of the AmericasIB Chemistry  IB Physics   IB Biology

        IB Pre-Calculus

        or IB Math Studies


        IIB Elective

        SeniorIB Senior English

        IB French 4,5 

        IB Spanish 4,5

        IB Japanese 4,5

        IB Modern World HistoryIB Chemistry  IB Physics   IB BiologyIB Calculus 


        IB Elective

        Exam OptionHL only SL,HLHL only SL/HLSL/HL (HL requires completion of IB Calculus 2)**SL