Smarter - Balanced Assessments

Test Structure and Administration

Achievement Levels

  • The Smarter-Balanced Consortium has released draft achievement level descriptors.  These descriptors will describe a student's score and college-readiness.

    These descriptors are similar to the OAKS descriptors of Does Not Yet Meet, Meets and Exceeds.

    A great evaluation of these descriptors is available from Education Week here.

    The below achievement levels are Smarter Balanced definitions, but the state of Oregon has NOT adopted this language regarding Achievement Levels.  The state is currently using the numerical level only.

  • The results of the 2013-14 field test were used in the standard setting process to determine the Smarter Balanced scale and the thresholds for each Achievement Level Descriptor.  The tables below give information about that scale and those thresholds.

English Language Arts/Literacy Scale Scores

Mathematics Scale Scores


Sample Test Items

  • The Smarter-Balanced Assessment Consortium has released sample test items through their website.  The items can be located at the following links.  Additional information around the development of the items, their relation to the common core, and accessibility for students can be found on the Smarter-Balanced website.

    The practice and training tests can be accessed here.