Math Fluency

  • Math Fluency

    The Math Fluency tests are one minute paper-pencil tests that contain a random sample of grade level appropriate basic math facts. It measures overall mathematical competence through accuracy and fluency.  Performance on the math fluency screeners correlates with higher performance on summative assessments of the academic content.

Standards Measured

Percentiles and Benchmarks

  • Percentiles and Benchmarks

    During the 2011-12 school year, Math Fluency tests were administered to all elementary students five times during the year.  Three of the administrations align with the EBIS screening assessment windows for Reading.  The two additional administrations align with grade reporting and could be used to inform the fluency grade on students' report cards.

    Student performance on these fluency screeners was also correlated with OAKS performance and a set of district benchmarks predictive of success on OAKS were created.

    The document below details the percentiles and benchmarks from the 2011-12 study.

    Math Fluency Percentiles and Benchmarks