• Frequently Asked Questions

    What services do you provide at the resource center?

    The center provides information and community resource counseling to families in the Tigard-Tualatin area. There are also a number of on-site services available.

    Do I need an appointment to visit the resource center?

    Yes, please call 503-603-1585 or email rpadron@ttsd.k12.or.us to schedule an appointment. 

    Do I have to have children in the Tigard-Tualatin School District in order to receive help?

    The resource center operates in partnership with the Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD), so the focus of services is on families with children in the district. However, if your children are too young to attend school but will eventually attend TTSD schools because you reside within the district's boundaries, center services are available to you, as well. While on-site services are limited to school district families, please do not hesitate to call with resource questions even if you live out-of-district or do not have children. Staff may still be able to point you in the right direction.

    I'm having difficulty paying my rent, and I'm afraid I'll lose my apartment. What kind of help is available?

    The center does not have the capacity to provide funds for rental assistance. Families seeking rental assistance may qualify for Community Action's emergency rental assistance program. The need at this time is extremely high, and unfortunately, there are only enough resources to help a small percentage of the people who request assistance. Applicants must have a 72-hour eviction notice or be homeless with a new rental agreement in order to apply. Calls are received at (503) 615-0770 by an answering machine on the 8th of the month at 9am, or on the following Monday if the 8th falls on a weekend. For more information about how this process works, feel free to contact the resource center.

    My power is about to get shut off. Can you help me pay my bill?

    The center does not have the capacity to provide funds for energy assistance. One option is to call Community Action's energy assistance message line at (503) 615-0771 to apply for help.  If you schedule an appointment, ask about their weatherization program, too, in order to make your home more energy efficient. You can also contact your energy company to request a payment plan. If you are going to request help from Community Action, it is preferable to do so before you request a payment plan from your energy company as Community Action is only able to make a payment on your monthly amount due.

    To save money on future utility bills, you might be eligible to order a free Energy Saver kit from the Energy Trust of Oregon. For more information, visit www.energytrust.org

    If my children and I lose our apartment, where can we stay?

    You can apply for emergency rental assistance through Community Action. However, the funding for this program is limited compared to the need. If you anticipate that you will lose your apartment, please call right away to get on a waiting list for a family shelter in Washington County at (503) 640-3263.

    I've thought about applying for food stamps, but I feel like there are people out there who need the support more than I do. If I receive food stamps, will that take funding away from another family?

    Federal funds for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are available to everyone who meets the income requirements. If your family qualifies, your participation will NOT prevent another family from receiving support. In fact, using your SNAP card is a great way to stimulate your local economy. You can even use your card at many farmers markets! To see if your family might qualify, visit www.oregonhelps.org, an anonymous online estimator of government program eligibility.

    I'm having a hard time feeding my family this month. Where can I get an emergency food box?

    There are several organizations in the area that provide emergency food boxes for local families. To learn more, check out the center's community resource guide or call the resource center at (503) 603-1585.

    Is the resource center the same thing as the Caring Closet?

    No, the resource center is separate from the Caring Closet. The Caring Closet provides clothing for children enrolled in Tigard-Tualatin schools. 

    Where is the Caring Closet?

    The Caring Closet is located just two portables down from the resource center on the campus of Tigard High, behind the swim center. Look for them just across from the School-Based Health Center.

    How do I make an appointment with the Caring Closet?

    Parents/ guardians should request a referral from their child's school counselor in order to receive an appointment with the Caring Closet. Only students currently enrolled in Tigard-Tualatin schools are eligible.

    How do I sign up my family for Christmas/ Holiday help?

    For Christmas/ Holiday help, request an application at your child's school or contact the resource center.  Donors request early application deadlines due to the amount of time needed to coordinate sponsorship; deadlines vary by school, so apply as early as possible.

    How can I help the resource center?

    As a nonprofit program, the center depends on the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals in the community to enhance programs and services to local families. If you would like to learn more about donation options, click here.

    How can I volunteer with the resource center?

    If you would like to volunteer with the resource center, check out the current opportunities by clicking here. For the most up-to-date volunteer listings for our center and other organizations in the greater Portland area, visit www.handsonportland.org.

    Who funds the Tigard-Tualatin Family Resource Center?

    The Tigard-Tualatin Family Resource Center was funded by the Washington County Commission on Children and Families for almost 20 years. The Tigard Tualatin School District currently funds and provides in-kind support that make the program possible. In addition, grants and donations from community partners allow the center to enhance the services offered to families.

    Are resource center staff a part of the school district?

    Yes, resource center staff are school district employees.