Frequently Asked Questions for 2023 Summer School

  • As we move into the spring season, we have received funding information and some guidance regarding summer school.


    Q: Will TTSD be able to offer a summer school program? Yes.


    Q: Will programming look the same as it has the last two years with a K-8 Enrichment offering? No. This year, funding for summer school has been significantly reduced and therefore, the summer school offering will be targeted to K-5 students.


    Q: With K-5 being the targeted summer school group, what is the current thinking about programming? As planning gets underway, the K-5 summer program offering will be targeted to students who have gaps in their reading and math skills and will most likely be offered via initial student invites based on gap data.

    Q: What’s the thinking as to “when” summer school will take place? Current thinking is that the K-5 summer school offering will take place during a four week timeframe during the month of July (starting after the July 4th weekend) and possibly into the first week of August.

    Q: Will high school programming like credit recovery be available? Yes. As in the past, credit recovery options for students will be available with funding sources that have supported this effort. Planning will be getting under way for these offerings soon.


    Please look for summer school planning updates in future newsletters and/or direct communication through your school's administrator.