• Due to the impact of COVID-19, TTSD is unable to offer a districtwide ACT for the 2020-2021 school year as in previous years. Pending new metrics and guidance from the state, the district is investigating the option of offering a districtwide ACT testing opportunity for all Seniors in the fall.  

    Please note, for most college admissions, submitting ACT/SAT scores is now optional. According to the University of Oregon, “Effective with applicants for fall 2021 or beyond, submitting scores from the SAT/ACT is now optional for admissions.” Please check your college’s website or with their admissions office as to their policy regarding ACT/SAT score submission. However, you may want to consider taking the exam as a way to meet the Essential Skills requirement and/or to support your college application. Please note, we are awaiting a decision whether Essential Skills will be waived for the Class of 2021-2022.

    If you would like to test prior to the end of this school year, you can sign up through the ACT website at a national testing site. For students needing financial support, please contact your guidance counselor directly for the fee waiver request process.

    For general support navigating all your options, please reach out to your Career & College Center Coordinator, Guidance Counselor, College/Career Mentor or Future Coach. 

    ACT/SAT Test Prep Review Opportunities:

    Princeton Review

    ACT/SAT test prep info:

    Free Pattern Matcher helps Students Prepare for ACT/SAT

    Pattern Matcher is a feature of PrepFactory's free ACT and SAT preparation service. Pattern Matcher is a game that students can play after they have completed the eight interactive strategy lessons in PrepFactory. The game is designed to help students recognize the types of questions that they will see on the ACT or SAT. After identifying the type of question students can try to match the strategy they should use to the questions they are seeing.

    Kaplan - Free ACT Practice Events

    In addition to offering prep classes for a cost, Kaplan offers a series of free classes.  Visit their site at and check out the variety of free testing tools they offer.  They also offer instant practice, which is a question each day.  Their main website is and the Free Resources can be found on their site.


    This is a website created by the Army and it includes a game called Zero Threat Gravity which includes problems for students to work thru.  It's free to use but students must register to the website.  According to the Army, they will not pursue or contact students who register on the site.

    College Board

    College Board offers free SAT Practice Tests. and daily questions.  Visit their website at

    Khan Academy

    Free SAT practice tests at


    Tigard Library

    Students can access free SAT and ACT test prep materials and practices tests 24/7 on the public library’s website. All they need is a phone/tablet/computer, internet access, and a WCCLS library card. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone in Washington County you know who may find it useful.

    1.       Go to:
    2.       Click on “Login”
    3.       Login [They will need a WCCLS library card and will be asked to create a HelpNow account so they can save their work and track their progress over time.]
    4.       Click on “SkillSurfer”
    5.       Click on “College Entrance Test Prep”
    6.       Click on the test they are studying for
    7.       Start studying and taking practice tests!

    If a student doesn’t have a WCCLS library card, they can get one online ( and start using it right away! No documentation is necessary, they just enter their Washington County address and contact information in an online form.


    Go To:

    Register as a new user with your Washington County Library Card.

    ACT® Preparation Tutorials

    Introduction to the ACT® Test Tutorial

    ACT® English Test Preparation Tutorial

    ACT® Mathematics Test Preparation Tutorial

    ACT® Reading Test Preparation Tutorial

     ACT® Science Test Preparation Tutorial

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    •   ACT® Practice Tests

    ACT® English Practice Tests

    ACT® Math Practice Tests

    ACT® Reading Practice Tests

    ACT® Science Practice Tests

    ACT® Writing Practice Tests

    ACT® Complete Simulated Practice Tests

      ACT® Test Preparation eBooks

     ACT® Test Preparation eBooks