• SCRIP Gift Cards  -The best fundraiser ever!!

    SCRIP is a program where you exchange cash for a gift card/certificate of equal value.  The merchants who participate sell those gift cards/certificates to the SCRIP Service Center in bulk at a discount.  That discount is then a profit for the school.  Currently, merchants offer gift cards/certificates at discounts from 1.5% to 50% depending on the merchant

    The Tualatin High School TSO participates in the SCRIP program as a major fundraiser to help fund academic needs and the needs of participating groups.  The profit from your SCRIP order can also be used to pay a student’s portion of an approved group expense (in accordance with the IRS Code for tax-exempt organizations), such as school sponsored trips, group contest/competitions fees and required uniforms.  See the Scrip Individual Account Agreement for additional information by specific participating groups.

    The real beauty of the program is that it doesn’t cost YOU anything! 

    Orders are processed on Mondays, due by 10:00am.  Orders can be turned in any day to the TuHS bookkeeper, Donna Deluca.

    Orders are returned on Thursdays.  Orders can be picked up by students or parents at the bookkeeper’s window near the office.  Students will be paged over the announcement system, reminding them the orders are ready for pick up.  Orders are ready before the end of school on Thursdays

    The Order Fee: TuHS TSO is incurred a fee for every total order placed.  75% of your profit goes to your group/individual account and 25%of your profit goes to TSO to help cover the handling fee incurred from the main SCRIP Office and is also a support fundraiser for the TSO.

    Who can order? ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!  Parents, students, grandparents, neighbors, friends, supportive community citizens.  Order for yourself or to give as gifts.

    How much can you actually “make”? One student completely paid for their band trip (approximately $500) through profits from SCRIP!  No magazines, no poinsettias, no candy sales, no working at Nordstrom’s.  NO EXTRA MONEY OUT OF THEIR PARENT’S POCKET!  It is fairly easy to see that regular orders can add up quickly.

    What is the key to making it work? Order regularly from the merchants you normally patronize.  The BIGGEST KEY is setting a regular time aside to do your order.  Maybe Sunday nights, Wednesdays or Thursdays, or when you pay your bills.  It only takes 5 minutes, but it can save you a mint!

    SCRIP Individual Account Agreements Profits can be designated to TSO or the “general” fund for any participating group.  With all the budget cuts, these general funds benefit many students and really need your support.  Some group salso permit an individual account (Band/Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Cheerleading, Dance, IB, Snowboarding) and some are as a group (Lacrosse). Individual accounts can be used to pay for specific allowable expenses for your own student, such as group trips, uniforms, testing and competition fees, etc.  See the Scrip Individual Account Agreement form for more details.  Anyone who wants to set up an individual account to accumulate profits for their student must sign a Scrip Individual Account Agreement form and turn it in with your first order.  These forms are available online at the TuHS website and in the main office.

    When Receive Profits  Profits are received to the bookkeeper from TSO once a quarter. The bookkeeper receives a check and distributes the profits accordingly. The profit can be used by the team/individual when needed.  The bookkeeper will need to be contacted – ddeluca@ttsd.k12.or.us    

     For more information, contact Angela Tyler, SCRIP Coordinator, at:  angelatyler7@yahoo.com.


SCRIP Dates 2018-2019

  • Turn in SCRIP Order by 10:00am Mondays:

    • January 14
    • January 28
    • February 11
    • February 25
    • March 4
    • March 18
    • April 8
    • April 22
    • May 6
    • May 20
    • June 3