• Yearbook

    yearbook editors Welcome to the yearbook page. Students in yearbook class create the school yearbook The Tiger. They can be reached at thspublications@ttsd.k12.or.us. Please use this email to send in photos and other content for use in the yearbook. 

         In addition to spending class time creating the yearbook, students also put in after-school hours taking photos and working on design. They work very hard and take pride in producing a book that accurately reflects the student body and the year. 

         Editors of the 2019 Tiger are co-editors in chief Jessica Miller, Riley Young and Liz Blodgett; copy editor Jordyn Valdez and asst. photo editor Mataya Pugh-Price. 

         Senior and baby picture guidelines are available by clicking on the news links to the right. 

         Yearbooks may be purchased at Back to School Business Days or through the bookkeeper. They cost $60 until Sept. 30 and $65 until Jan. 30. After Jan. 30 books will be for sale for $70 until we sell out. However, after Jan. 30, there is no guarantee there will be extra books available, so we advise you to pre-purchase your book.

         If you are interested in purchasing a book from years past, you should contact the yearbook adviser to see if there are any available. Adviser, Hillary Currier, hcurrier@ttsd.k12.or.us.