• See's Valentine Candy Sale starting now!
    (forms to the right)

    $6 for 4oz Box, $5 for 3oz Butter Heart and $14 for Heart Box.

    Approx. 20% Profit on each sold
    mini assort puppy 2019 Butter Heart Heart box

    MASTER order to SSC by Tuesday Jan. 29th.

    Pick up product on Thursday Feb. 7th 2019




    New Excel and New forms released 1-11-2019 dated 1-7-2019
    (please be patient as each one is posted.  Temp Excel order form, will update on Monday Jan, 14)

    VISA $100's NOT available until Jan. 22nd


    Happy Teen
    Happy Teen   $25 cards  @ 5% - Multi use card
    (Good at ALL of these locations: 
    Jamba Juice, American Eagle, Sephora,Regal Cinema, Barnes and Noble, Dave & Buster's and Nike)

    DSW  $25 cards  @ 8%
    Victoria's Secret  $25 cards @ 5%


    More Multi Use Cards

    Below is a list of MULTI location cards.
    Purchase 1 card and use at any location listed on the card/form.

    Claim Jumper, Morton's Steak, Jake's Grill and McCorm
    ick and Schmick's

    Marshall's - TJ Maxx - Home Goods
    all on one card!

    Stanford's, Manzana's, Henry's and Portland City Grill

    VISA & Bridgeport Village AMEX
    Anywhere that takes VISA or AMEX


    Shipping option available at $7 via USPS.
    (May be higher if order too large for flat rate box)
    Fill out the shipping form on the right side of this page to have your order shipped.
    It is a 1-3 day delivery, though so far everyone in Oregon and Washington
    are getting their orders next day. May take longer during the holidays.
    We ship it out on Wednesday afternoon.


    Don't forget to use your Visa cards "before" the
    expiration date on the card.
    Visa will start charging a fee each month past that date.
    To get the benefit of "NO" activation fee, this is the detail that goes with the card.  This info is on the paperwork that accompanies the card.  Make sure that your customers are aware of this.
    Visa®Prepaid Card


    There is no activation fee and your organization
    will earn
    1.5% on each card sold.
    It is accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are.

          See for details: MyPrepaidCenter.com/site/visa-scrip

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    All orders are due by noon Tuesday with Pick up on Thursdays  9am - 5pm


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                                 Email: scrip@ttsd.k12.or.us  

    25 YEARS of Fundraising Service for

    Schools and Non-Profits!


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    SSC is a non-profit operation in partnership with stores, restaurants, and other merchants for the purpose of fundraising for schools and non-profits through gift card sales.  This site is specifically for those affiliates who are officially registered with our program.

    THANK YOU, scrip coordinators and volunteers, for organizing the scrip FUNdraising program for your school and non-profits groups.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you in developing and maintaining a very successful and profitable program.